Friday, May 27, 2011

1880 Constables and Suspicions

In Fowlerville in the late 1800s, there were nightwatchmen, marshals and constables. A couple of articles -- one short on appointments and a long one on some of their activities were published in The Fowlerville Review.

A.S. Leland and Robert Griswold have been selected as night watchmen by the Committee appointed by the Council for that purpose.

Some of their activities:

During Sunday night some time the baggage room of the depot in this village was forcibly entered and a trunk belonging to a lady at Williamston by the name of Mollie Seymore, which had been accidentally mischecked; and left at this place, and a box containing a lot of men's apparel and a kit of tinker's tools belonging to a German by the name of Paul Nestler taken therefrom.

Suspicion strongly fastened upon some three or four suspicious-looking individuals who have been lurking around town since the races and on Monday evening one giving his name as George Bees was arrested by the Marshal and placed in the lock-up, and on being questioned confessed to know where the goods were and said he would show him. Upon being permitted so to do he led the way west on Grand River street across the river bridge a short distance and thence south into the woods about ten rods where the trunk and other things were found.

These being secured were brought back to the village and search instituted for the other members of the gang. One who was also under suspicion had been seen late in the afternoon wending his way toward Leroy. The individual, who by the way afterward, gave his name as Pat Garrahty, was traced to the above village by Constable Head and the Marshal and it was ascertained had taken lodgings for the night at the Leroy house. He was routed and brought back to the village and on Tuesday the two were arraigned before Justice Tanner but plead not guilty.

They were required to give bail in the sum of $1,000 each for their appearance in Circuit Court but being unable to furnish bail, both were taken to Howell and lodged in jail.

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