Friday, May 13, 2011

1898 R. Fowler, Veterinarian

Throughout 1897, R. Fowler did extensive advertising as a veterinarian surgeon and numerous articles were published in The Fowlerville Review of his work, including one written early in the year, 1898:

J. Cassady had a cow that was sick with what was supposed to be 'lump jaw' and was advised to kill the animal. Dr. R. Fowler was consulted and found an ulcerated tooth. He drilled the jaw, let out a large quantity of puss and the animal is said to be all right again.

Another note found late in 1898 follows:

Dr. R. Fowler has secured the services of a first-class blacksmith and will devote more of his own time to treating horses. For low prices on new shoes, see his advertisement.
My old customers are learning that I am still running a blacksmith shop in Fowlerville. I also have a first-class workman with me and we treat diseased feet in horses and I attend all calls to treat sick horses.~~Dr. R. Fowler

As an added tidbit of information for those interested in who owned which houses in Fowlerville, the following blurb regarding Dr. R. Fowler was found in The Fowlerville Review:

Frank Lockwood has purchased the residence of Ruel VanDyke and Mr. VanDyke has purchased the dwelling occupied by Dr. R. Fowler.

In 1899, I am still at the old stand and prepared to do first-class work in horseshoeing and repairing. Mr. Smith is still with me, and is anxious to please all.~~Roscoe Fowler

And, Dr. R. Fowler removed a large tumor from a horse belonging to Frank Randall of Cohoctah, on Tuesday.

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