Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1906 Break O'Day

This one is a mystery to me.

As I've been working away, looking through local news items, "Break O'Day" news would be included with other local news surrounding the Fowlerville area.  I've done some looking around but with no luck to find out where Break O'Day was located.  Following is just one of the blurbs of their local news

So, with a bit of the detective in me, I thought about the above news.  Could I find a schoolhouse close to someone named Bert Smith?  Well, I did but it was for a few years later -- a 1915 map.  At the far right center of the map, which would be east of Fowlerville, on Grand River Avenue, a school house icon is shown on R.J. Holt's property, and then southeast diagonally from that is property owned by B. Smith.  It would appear B. Smith had 40 acres of land.  Is this where Break O'Day was located but by 1915 it was not indicated on any map?

After all of these questions, I then happened to show this post to my husband and he immediately questioned if that is now Hogback Road?  It makes sense because of the school house south of Grand River and then how the road curves so much north of Grand River.

Of course, once I started noticing Break O'Day, other articles caught my attention, such as, Quite elaborate arrangements are being made for the holding of a 10-day tent meeting, commencing August 2nd, on the John Risch farm near the Break O'Day schoolhouse.  And more insight with, Services at the school house next Sunday morning.

If anyone is familiar with Break O'Day, I would love to have you leave a comment.

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