Friday, May 20, 2011

1896 Mrs. A.R. Miner Thrown from Carriage

Mrs. A.R. Miner was thrown from her carriage on Friday afternoon and although very fortunately not seriously injured, yet received some pretty severe bruises. She was driving near the store of Hugh A. Loughlin when her horse became frightened at the pop-corn cart which a boy was pushing along the street. Mrs. Miner called to the boy but he did not hear or see her and when the affair came upon the horse, he made a plunge, throwing Mrs. Miner from the carriage. This frightened another horse which was tied near by and both horses ran down the street and stopped of their own accord.

The above article, published in The Fowlerville Review, gives an interesting picture of what may have routinely been going on at the main four corners -- horse and carriage traffic, sounds of neighing from the horses, conversations of pedestrians, hawking yells from peddlers such as the boy with the 'pop-corn cart.' And those are just the sounds. I wonder what smells assaulted the ol-factory between road apples steaming away to popcorn odors wafting through the air.

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DCE Motorsports said...

"Road apples and pop corn". My senses reel, my thoughts are confused. I'm glad there was not the stale aroma of cigarettes adding to the mix and wiping away the pop corn aroma.