Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Squint Shot 051011

I'm taking a short break of showing the 'then and now' squint shots to show a few pictures I took recently on Hogback Road, south of Grand River Avenue.  These two shots are of South Handy School.  It is no longer used as a schoolhouse but as part of a residence.

As you can see by today's 'history lesson' there are articles regarding Break O'Day.  In that post, a map has been provided showing about where I believe this little -- maybe we'll call it a -- subdivision.  There is a schoolhouse located on the map, but not where it currently stands.  I don't know if this is the same building, but we could probably assume it is due to the knowledge that the current Grand River Avenue isn't where the original road was located. 

Sounds like another mystery?  It isn't really -- have you ever noticed the large red barn on Grand River Avenue, kind of across from the Woodshire?  the back side of the barn faces the road.  The reason is very simple because, at one time, Grand River Avenue ran on the other side of the barn -- this according to one of Chester Clark's (a local historian who passed away in 1996) ancestors. 

If that is truly the case, then this schoolhouse could have been at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Hogback Road.
Tomorrow's photographs show additional buildings in the area.


Mike G said...

Marion, that's the East Handy school, not South Handy. South Handy was at the corner of Sargent and Gregory Roads.


amuse me said...

I love comments and this one is keeping me on my toes -- thanks for catching the typo.