Friday, June 10, 2011

1880 Horses Impounded

At the meeting of the Council on Monday evening, an act was passed re-establishing the pound at its old quarters, said act to take immediate effect; ordering the Marshal to impound the drove of horses that has been pastured in our streets and breaking the sidewalks during the summer. Just why the Council should have arrived at this wise conclusion after nearly half the gardens had been destroyed and sidewalks broken is what now puzzles the mind of the average cow owner. Why not let them go on and finish the campaign unmolested, and not break in upon them in the middle of their festivities, and thus spoil the summer's sport?

So was it meandering cows or reckless horses, or both? The above opinionated piece was written by G.L. Adams and published in The Fowlerville Review in 1880. Being the city girl I am, I tried to imagine what that would be like to step out of a store, maybe with a handful of groceries or dry goods, and run smack-dab into the side of cow or horse loitering on the wooden plank sidewalk. Nope, couldn't conjure up what that would feel like, but maybe the smell would have been enough to startle someone before actually running into the wayward animal.

Just my thoughts . . .

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