Thursday, June 16, 2011

1897 Red Cedar Chunk of Wood

O.F. Showers has a piece of red cedar, cut from a part of a tree below the ground, planted by J.P. Bush, Mrs. Shower's father, in Linden Township, over 65 years ago.  G.D. Hamilton will polish and engrave it and it will be kept as a curiosity.

The Bush family were some of the very early settlers in this area, various landowners while also holding some important positions in shaping the governmental make-up.  The short article shown above, published in The Fowlerville Review, was of interest to me for two reasons -- the Bush name, but also the fact this piece of prized wood was going to be saved and engraved. 

Since G.D. Hamilton was a furniture maker, oh, how I wonder whatever happened to that chunk of wood.  Did it end up as trim for a piece of furniture and did the person owning it know the history behind it?  Does it even still exist, tucked away somewhere in someone's attic or basement?

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