Saturday, June 18, 2011

1953 Laraine Jones

In 2008, the Fowlerville News and Views published the following article and picture:
At the time I was working on The Fowlerville Chronicles, I kept coming back to this portrait -- what a beautiful woman.  Ultimately, I didn't put this in the book but always kept it to sometime add to this website.  Before seeing this article, I didn't know there was a dance school here in Fowlerville before Maria's School of Dance. 

This has me thinking this village is very lucky to have such dedication to the arts.  And on a side note, Fowlerville's early history, particularly in the early 1900s, it was reported, W.H. Peek is conducting a dancing school in the Bell opera house.

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amuse me said...

As we've been preparing for the 175th celebration, her house has been noted as one of the historic places to check out. It is the Craftsman-style house just west of the huge Kennedy's house that is being renovated.