Saturday, June 11, 2011

1896 Carpet Bugs

It is only a matter of a few days now when the lady of the house will insist on moving out the furniture and dragging the carpets out on the lawn for their spring airing. Don't be surprised if you find carpet bugs too numerous to mention. They are said to be unusually numerous this spring. Here is a receipt (recipe) which, it is said, will knock out the carpet bug every time: One ounce of alum, one ounce of chloride of zinc, three ounces of salt. Mix with one quart of water and let it stand over night in covered vessel so that all sediments may be left behind. Dilute this with two quarts of water and apply by sprinkling the edges of the carpet about a foot from the wall. This is all that is necessary. They will leave boxes, bedding, and any other resort which has been sprinkled with the solution, on the shortest possible notice, and nothing will be inured in texture or color.

Okay, so . . . yuck! The above recommendation for ridding houses of carpet bugs was printed in the local newspaper, in the local section.

I basically was grossed out reading this article as I wondered how many houses in the area were infested with carpet bugs. But then, is today's modern world so much different? Large cities, and in particular New York City, are hassling with infestations of bedbugs and so far appear to be unsuccessful in corraling this problem. Maybe those hotel owners should resort back to this 1896 solution.

Just a suggestion . . .

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