Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1972 Letter to Dr. Hauer

The following letter was published, as handwritten, in the local newspaper:
Dr. Hauer's response was printed in The Fowlerville Review as follows:

Dear Beloved Teenagers:

The above letter was sent to me unsigned but deserves an answer.  I could think of no other way but to write this open letter for a reply.

I am complimented by your letter in as much as you believe I can do somethingn for you and, second, that I am the 'richest guy in town.'  Certainly the second statement would and could be successfully challanged.

Your suggestion of acquiring an old building and renovating it would be little variation on an old theme.  I have been down this road on three separate occasions and find that it merely results in huge increases in taxes.  This is certainly one of the reasons that little is done to restore and preserve the fine old structures in our community.  You can easily look around and see how some buildings are being permitted to deteriorate.

A recreational center in our community IS needed and would receive the support of most of the citizens if properly handled.  However, in order for a program of this nature to survive, it MUST have municipal funding.  Also, because our population is small and resources are limited, the most use must be gotten from a facility by a majority of people.  It would appear reasonable, therefore, that the structure if built should be either adjacent to the school property or to municipal buildings.  This would permit day usage by the students and the combined night use by both the young and the older individuals.

You must remember that a large segment of the young adult population travels considerable distances to achieve their exercise aims.  These people could be counted on for political and financial support.  The future of recreational facilities for our community could be bright.  But in order for this to be lasting it would require the joint endeavors of the village and the school governing bodies.  Their efforts and resources must be pooled.

I have tremendous faith in the ability of Fowlerville to rise to the occasion of need; setting aside preconceived ideas and prejudices and expressing a desire to work for the common good of everyone.  Therefore, to recount, I believe extensive recreational facilities are needed now and that this need will increase with population growth.  These facilities must be municipally funded and must be located within easy walking distance of both the schools and the village proper.

I would be, as always, willing to give both my time and financial support to a project so described.  Your additional comments will be considered carefully.

Sincerely yours,
R. Fred Hauer, M.D.

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