Monday, June 27, 2011

Squint Shot 062711

Someday I am going to get myself in trouble. Back in ca. 1902, a person could probably stand in the middle of the road for pretty much however long they wanted to without fear of being run over. Not in today's world, but I still try. As I crossed South Grand Avenue the other day, I made sure there were no cars coming and I did pause long enough to point and shoot; hoping it was somewhat focused.

Fortunately, the result was pretty accurate as far as the angle, just not all of the old hotel.

If you look closely in the center of the old photograph, there is a stage coach-style wagon parked in front of what was then the Lockwood Hotel. The buildings on the left side, as mentioned in yesterday's 'then and now' shots, are long gone. The 1902 picture is part of the "Walking Tour" you can read by clicking at the far right of the bar just below the header for this website. There will be a brochure, with abbreviated descriptions, available at the temporary museum in about a week. As a side note, I will also be conducting a guided tour of the 39 sites on Monday, July 4, at 10 am -- meet me on the southwest corner of the main four and we can walk it together. To see the entire tour, it is about a 1.5 miles-long walk, ending at the Lutheran church, which then means a few blocks to walk to get back to the beginning. Hope to see you there.

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