Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1901 Ten-Cent Barn

The papers have been made out and signed that conveys the Dr. O.C. Carr lots to William H. Rector, who will commence the erection of a ten-cent barn about April first. The store part of the building will be built up in the corner, 20x40 feet and two stories high. The barn proper will be one-story high and will cover a space of 130x120 feet. The house that now occupies the lots will be sold and removed.

The above notice was found in the local newspaper, and then the following week, the following advertisement was offered:

For Sale~~The house now standing on the property where I reside and the barns and lot one block west. Will sell together or separately.~~Dr. O.C. Carr

Additional information on O.C. Carr was, Dr. O.C. Carr is moving the old Caleb Powers house from the lots he recently sold to William Rector to his lots one block west where he will refit it for a residence. This will remove one of the oldest and most familiar land marks in the village, as the residence was erected 48 years since and by its central location has been known to nearly everybody.

And then, The frame for the store and living rooms in connection with the new ten-cent barn is up and partially enclosed.

And, Work on the new store and 10-cent barn is being rapidly pushed to completion and it will soon be ready to open to the public. The structure is well built and will be a benefit to the village.

And then it opened with, The new ten-cent barn was very much appreciated by many farmers who were in Fowlerville during the stormy weather last week. In fact it is a very convenient place to keep a rig in any kind of weather.

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