Sunday, June 5, 2011

1896 Livingston Herald

At a meeting recently, a copy of The Livingston Herald was shown to me. In 1896, it was being published by A. Riley Crittenton out of Howell. Following is a picture of the front page.

I really haven't paid much attention to any articles republished in The Fowlerville Review over the years -- mostly because it was not necessarily news for this area -- but then the other day I came across this article written in 1909:

Thomas W. Brewer, for several years past publisher of the Livingston Herald, turned the property over to his creditors last week and the paper was suspended publication. While we have never been in sympathy with the position taken by the Herald on many of the public questions, and while the paper has not stood for very much as an educator or moulder of public opinion, yet we can not help expressing our sympathy for its publisher who has met the reverses of life in old age and we can not forget the service he rendered his country as a soldier in time of need.

So, by 1909, thirteen years later, the Herald was no longer part of the many Livingston county papers.

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