Wednesday, June 22, 2011

1917 Baseball Player Walt Tomion

I recently had the pleasure of receiving an e-mail from a grandson of Samuel Walter Tomion, and he provided the following picture:

According to the e-mail, this picture was taken ca. 1917-18 when Mr. Tomion was 18 or 19, and, While attending Alma College, Walt was the catcher on Alma's baseball team and was considered an exceptionally talented ballplayer. I've been told a lot of people in Fowlerville actually thought that my grandfather was good enough to pursue a professional career in baseball after graduating from Alma, if he so desired. By the way, Charlie Gehringer (9 years younger than my grandfather) did go pro from Fowlerville and was a good friend of his.

I got curious if I could find another picture of Mr. Tomion so I headed to a site,, and found the following picture of him on a page regarding his service in the military:

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Anonymous said...

Actually Charlie was only 4 years younger than Walt (Walt was born in 1899 and Charlie in 1903)