Monday, June 20, 2011

1906 Heading West

Heading west seemed to be a popular thing to do for many of the residents of the village; even as early as shortly after the area was settled by Ralph Fowler.

Fred Curtis, who went out west prospecting a few weeks ago, has purchased an improved farm of 160 acres near Deering, N.D. He also purchased with the farm a quantity of farm implement and stock and Mrs. Curtis expects to join him there in a few days. A couple months later, Mrs. Fred Curtis has gone to Dakota to join her husband who recently purchased a farm there.

Fred Wilkinson also purchased a farm only a short distance from Mr. Curtis and will also make that his future home. These popular young people have a host of friends who will deeply regret their removal from among us, but will heartily join in wishing them future happiness and success.

Dr. O.C. Carr and wife left on Monday for Colorado, where they hope Mrs. Carr will be benefitted in health from a change in the climate. They are not sure where they will locate, as they will seek the altitude most agreeable to her and the length of time they will remain depends upon the benefit derived. And then a few months later, A letter received last week by D.C. Carr from his son, Dr. O.C. Carr, of Florence, Colorado, states that Mrs. Carr is beginning to improve in the high altitude and is now gaining strength and expects to move a little farther up the mountains in a few days.

Wyoming seemed to have some draw with, Charles Defendorf, who has been visiting his parents, Dr. B. Defendorf and wife here this week, left on Wednesday for Wyoming, where he expects to make his future home, for a time at least.

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