Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2011 Museum Bank Bag and Munn School

More items have been added to the museum -- a special thanks to our esteemed village president! We are now showing a cotton "bank bag" given out by the Commercial Bank. G.A. Newman building the brick building where now you will find Lansing Opthamology and Shear Image, and he ran the Commercial Bank out of this location.
We also now have on display a large black and white photograph of Munn Middle School, probably very shortly after it was completed in the late 1950s.
Along with items on display, t-shirts, ceramic mugs, travel mugs, tote bags, my book, and Mike Grimm's book are available for purchase. And, as of today, there are Christmas ornaments, with the 175th logo printed on them, for sale to help support the cost of the fireworks display. This year, that show will be held at dark on July 4 after the parade.

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Unknown said...

Is that bank bag one of the museum displays or it’s some kind of souvenir that’s given out to museum visitors? It looks new, unlike the other vintage bank bags. I remembered when the bank where my mom works celebrated its 50th year, their souvenir for their customers were bank bags.

-Harriett Faulks